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Zona Valley Belly Balance Probiotic

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A product that live’s up to it’s name designed to provide true “Belly Balance”

More than just your average probiotic supplement, Zona Valley Belly Balance also provides prebiotics and digestive enzymes to promote and regulate optimum gut health and digestion.  This unique formula works by first releasing prebiotics into the gut.  These prebiotics act as food for the probiotics that are subsequently delivered.  The probiotics make their way through your system, feeding on the prebiotics along the way to help them survive and multiply during their journey through your digestive system.  This one of a kind delivery process ensures that the probiotics are able to thrive and function throughout your entire digestive tract and intestines, helping provide optimum gut health and function.  In addition, Belly Balance contains digestive enzymes to help break down the foods you eat and help the body to better absorb the nutrients and minerals necessary from these processes.  These three powerful digestive support supplements work together to promote optimum digestive and gut health, thus helping to achieve good “Belly Balance”.  This is a once daily probiotic system designed to keep your microbiome working to it’s fullest potential and help alleviate any stomach issues and indigestion while also maintaining an already balanced digestive system.

Daily Maintenance of Your Digestive Tract

Zona Valley Belly Balance probiotic has the added benefit of 5 digestive enzymes and a 16 strain blend, with a higher level of CFU multiplication, which may be more suited for those who have digestive health concerns like frequent bloating or diarrhea.

Featuring the Power of Bac5

Belly Balance probiotic’s Bac5 Activity is a process by which the prebiotic is delivered to the acidic environment of the stomach to balance the pH, and discourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria. It also causes bacterial multiplication for the protected probiotic blend, which is delivered safely to the intestine through microencapsulation. Microencapsulated probiotics have been shown in human clinical trials to colonize/adhere up to 5x better than typical or uncoated strains analyzed in both real and simulated gastric environments, as well as human cross-over fecal recovery studies)

  • 6 Billion CFU before BAC5 Activity
  • 16 Strains*
  • 5 Times more Effective with Microencapsulation*
  • Maximum Growth Potential*
  • Includes 5 Digestive Enzymes*
  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen-Free
  • No Animal Byproduct*
  • Shelf Stable

*Contains 30 or 90 Servings depending on bottle size


Zona Valley Comprehensive Probiotic

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30 Caps, 90 Caps

1 review for Zona Valley Belly Balance Probiotic

  1. Tricia

    Absolutely love this probiotic, has digestive enzymes as well which really helped regulate my digestive system

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