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Progena Adrenal Plus 90 tablets


If you’re looking for a supplement that may work to maintain optimal adrenal function‚ you might want to try Adrenal Plus by Progena.

Notably‚ the adrenal glands—which are located directly above your kidneys—are responsible for producing hormones that play key roles in regulating stress response‚ metabolism‚ and other bodily functions; this is why Adrenal Plus contains a wide array of ingredients that might work to promote healthy adrenal function.

For example‚ every three-capsule serving of Adrenal Plus provides over 500 milligrams of adrenal tissue‚ since proponents of glandular therapy believe that tissues from certain animal glands may work to stimulate the activity of similar glands of humans.

Adrenal Plus also contains vitamins and minerals like pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)‚ vitamin C‚ and zinc that may offer additional support for the functioning of your adrenal glands.

Finally‚ this Progena product is free of common allergens like gluten‚ soy‚ or milk.

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