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Probulin Women’s Health Probiotic Capsules


Are you looking for a daily probiotic designed to target the specific needs of a woman’s body? Just like the gut, a person’s vaginal microbiome is home to billions of bacteria. It’s always a good idea to consult with a health care provider if there are any concerns about vaginal health. The Women’s Health Probiotic helps to support vaginal and urinary tract health. If you’re looking for a daily women’s probiotic, the Women’s Health Probiotic is the one for you!

● 12-Strain optimal probiotic blend for optimal potency
● 20-Billion CFU
● Contains prebiotic Inulin – food for the probiotic’s survival
● Third-Party Lab tested to ensure potency and stability
● Formulated by a board-certified doctor with 20+ years of experience
● Shelf Stable, no refrigeration required
● Vegan and manufactured without dairy, gluten, soy, or GMOs

Probulin probiotic women's health supplement facts - 30 count

*Servings per container varies depending on size

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30 capsules, 60 capsules


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