Nature’s Answer Thyme Herb Extract 1 oz


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Nature’s Answer Thyme Liquid Extract is super concentrated to give you 1,000 mg of herb per serving. Made from the finest quality thyme to give you all the benefits this time-tested herb has to offer. It’s packed with vitamin C and is a good source of vitamin A. The beneficial properties of Thyme come from its main components, thymol and carvacrol. Fresh Thyme has the highest level of antioxidants among all herbs. Nature’s Answer Thyme Liquid Extract is gluten-free, low alcohol and Kosher certified to deliver the best of nature.

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Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 mL approx. 56 drops
Servings Per Container 15
Amount Per Serving %DV
Each Serving Contains Thyme herb fluid extract 1 1 2,000 mg
Daily Value DV not established

Other Ingredients

Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, 12-15% certified organic alcohol.


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