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    RuVed Blood Pressure Support Carditone 30 Capsules

    RUVed® Carditone

    Carditone® is a unique formula containing magnesium along with Ayurveda’s most effective ingredients for blood pressure support and cardiovascular function. Carditone® was formulated by Ayurverdic and Naturopathic physicians, uniting ancient wisdom and modern science.

    For centuries, these ingredients have been used successfully to support blood pressure within the normal range, heart health, kidney function and relaxation. Additionally, magnesium is well known for supporting healthy electrolyte levels required for proper cardiovascular function.

    Carditone® offers time-tested support for healthy individuals looking to optimize cardiovascular health, naturally. In addition, Ayurvedic ingredients such as Terminalia arjuna provide heart support; Tribulus terrestris and Boerhaavia diffusa are considered renal supportive and rose powder has calming effects.

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