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    Lumina Health Cellfood® 1 oz Bottle

    With Dissolved Oxygen, Trace Minerals, Plant Source Amino Acids and Enzymes.


    Cellfood: A proprietary formulization of a super energized mineral concentrate. It naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping to support overall improved energy, endurance and natural health.

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    Lumina Health Cellfood® Oxygen Gel 2 fl oz

    This is the only skin gel formulations that contains the world-renowned CELLFOOD oxygenating ionic concentrate, with its skin-enhancing trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids plus electrolytes.


    Cellfood® Oxygen Gel: a unique, soothing nutrient rich replenishing Gel that helps to renew skin texture, making it closer, smoother and firmer. Regular use of this product will give the appearance of decreased fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Devitalized skin regains a luminous radiance.


    Cellfood’s highly advanced paraben–free oxygenating gel formulation promotes a more youthful looking complexion for all skin types. Use regularly for best results

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